How To Choose The Right Art For Your Home

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The process of buying art for your home is one that should be enjoyable and never ending. Ideally, you should really relate emotionally to the artist’s vision and it should be an easy compliment of your own sense of style. Online you will find a wide selection of artwork in many different mediums and produced by famous artists at bargain prices. Get a feel for what you like and what compliments your home.

There is not one right answer for what style to go with. Art is by its very nature, subjective to the beholder. Ask yourself what you lean to the most, whether it be classical, contemporary, graphic, seascapes, or landscapes. Also, you don’t need to have the same theme in every room of the house or even in one room. You can make walls of a particular theme. Just work on the feeling and ambience that you are looking for.

How you display your art is as important as the art itself. Here are a few interesting ways to frame a piece of art

1. Shadow box The depth really gives the artwork importance and can highlight a very small piece by making it look larger. This is a very popular medium and is used a lot to display awards for retiring military officers for example.

2. Un-mitered corners In this case the frame is built as one piece as opposed to assembled from 4 separate pieces and gives a sense of elegance with it’s rounded edges.

3. Linen matt This is a more formal presentation which gives a canvas a very traditional look. It works very well for oil paintings.

4. A gold filet between the picture and the matt highlights the picture and gives it added emphasis. It also ties in well with a gold frame.

5. Matting with multiple layers and bevels This provides wonderful dimension to a piece of art and gives a very romantic look – especially to black and white photography.

6. No frame at all A popular look is to leave the board or canvas unframed. The look is casual and eclectic, allowing the texture of the painting to stand out.

Finally, don’t just limit the choices for artwork to paint on canvas; there are many interesting mediums available such as silk and wood that adds intrigue and uniqueness to a space as well as many three dimensional wall sculptures that can add character and depth.

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